Thursday, March 6

Celebrate with Art

Disney's Animal Kingdom by Katy © 2008

I saw my oncologist on Monday. I have been dealing with cancer off and on for several years now, and Monday I was given another clean bill of health. Next month will be the 1 year anniversary of my last tumor. Levenback said that he is "cautiously optimistic." He'll convert my monthly blood test to bi-monthly and see me in 5 months instead of 3. I'll take it.

Now I just need to get out of the mode of being freaked out every time a test comes up or I get a head ache. I read once where a guy compared it to Russian roulette. Click or Bang. He would always say. It's really true. In an instant one test can turn your world upside down. One bad result can catapult you into survivor mode. You never know which test that will be. You never know if one day they will tell you to never come back again.

Anyway, I'm celebrating my step towards freedom by starting my art car this weekend. I've already started getting flack from my parents. They are afraid it won't look spectacular. My last one didn't. They don't get that that is not the point. Its the idea of creation that is so appealing. If I had to worry about what it was going to look like I don't think I'd ever touch a brush again. I can already feel the energies racing through my mind. Creation is here once again.

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