Monday, March 24

Weekend Recovery

Gryffindor, by Katy © 2008

This was me after Easter Sunday. Exhausted. I spent the weekend cleaning like some stupid adult. Now I know how all those people feel. You know, those people who work all week and then spend all weekend cleaning. Its not that I don't know that our house is a total wreck and I should do laundry more, its just that I have so many other things I would rather do with my weekend. What is more important? Cleanliness or happiness? I know, for some being clean IS being happy, but that is just not a concept I will ever be able to wrap my head around. Anyway, it was Easter, Alex's birthday is coming up (which means a party with guests), and we are moving out this summer so I thought it was good that I start cleaning now. Its just part of the processes of leaving this stage behind and growing into the next. That doesn't make it easier though.

Saturday I had a chance to walk a labyrinth (one of the coolest I have seen in a long time I might add) and I didn't really enjoy it at all because instead of being all prayerful and open I just kept thinking "when can I sit?" Would I have been breaking all labyrinth laws if I had just walked straight to the middle and laid down on those pillows? I totally would have if Alex, and all those other people hadn't have been there. It was such an awesome visual though that I can still close my eyes and see it - the dark room with candles flickering - pure magic.

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