Friday, March 14

One World, One Dream

Photo courtesy of Reuters © 2008
Refugee Tibetans in India march to show their support for the 15 monks who were arrested in Tibet on March 10 by Chinese Police forces after they staged a peaceful protest demanding political and religious freedom.

Photo courtesy of Reuters © 2008
Today police in Nepal charge at peaceful protesters, which included exiled Tibetan monks. The protesters had gathered to voice the call for the freedom of Tibet. The upcoming Summer Olympic Games in China, and the announced closing of the Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal to avoid pro-Tibetan protest while the Olympic torch is carried to the Mountain has renewed the voice in the call for China to free Tibet.

I don't know what we as Americans should be calling for here. Certaintly an end to this violance and the release of those arrested who are probably being torchered now. What else should be done? Do we boycott the Olymics like we did when they were held in Mascow? Many in the world would argue no, that the games are suppose to transide the bounds of political differances. I can understand were the athletes are coming from. Compeating at the Oylmpics is a life long dream, one that will be possible only once in a lifetime for many. I can see that through no fault of their own, a boycott would end many of their dreams. But is this mearly a differeance of politics? For me the question is, can I look with pride at the Olympic torch as it is carried to Everst knowing the lenths the Chinese have gone to to silence desent? Would I want to sit in a stadium that I knew was built by workers who were payed slave wages? What is more important, a persons quest for the gold medal or a persons quest for freedom?

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