Friday, April 11

Birds are Back!

Did I ever update the bird feeder story? Well my dad, not to be defeated by rodents (because he is a man and they are . . . rodents), went back to the hardware store and bought steal cable. So yeah, there is no way those squirrels will be getting the bird seed out of his bird feeder anytime soon. He even said that he was prepared to sit out there with he shotgun and kill any squirrels that came near it! He didn't really though, which is good because I don't think it would have helped the bird situation at all.

This morning, as I was letting my dog out into the yard, I saw two birds in the yard. Dad was right. If you put in a feeder, they will come. The great part was, they weren't on the bird feeder. They were on the ground, peeking at where the squirrels had dumped the seeds a few weeks ago. That made me smile.

For the record. I have tried to take pictures of a squirrel to go along with one of these updates, but it has been weeks since I have seen one. Do they migrate? Maybe they have gotten tired of Gryffindor chasing them.

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