Monday, April 14

A week of no trash

One of the blogs I frequent is the No Impact Man blog. I do this for several reason, one of which is to get ideas about how to reduce what I do. I have take a few steps toward making my life a more sustainable one, but not many. Basically I'm lazy.

So last week he challenged people to go through their trash and see what it is they are throwing away. Everything that is in the trash at my house, is not mine, in fact, I figured that most of the stuff I throw away is not in the trash at my house. So instead I kept a list of everything I trashed. It was loose. I wrote stuff down at the end of the day, but the end of Saturday it was non-existent. We cleaned a lot of stuff and so writing down everything I threw away that day would have killed too many trees.

Now here is the deal I am challenging myself to a week of no trash. That means I don't throw anything away. This is going to be really hard so I am committing to keeping track of it all on this blog. If I do throw something away, I will post it here. I hope that this helps be be accountable.

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