Monday, April 14

No trash Day 1

So this morning I declaired that I was going to go a whole week with no trash. Well, this is what I threw away on day one.

2 paper towels
1 cheese wraper
1 post-it
2 junk letters (not pictured)

So here is the thing. Trash is hard to avoid. So instead of NO trash, I'm going for less trash. I'll see how good I can get by the end of the week. The no post-it think is going to be hard. I know I only threw one away today, but I could have thrown away more, but instead I just left them stuck where they were (to be thrown away at a later date). The paper towel thing could be solved if I carried around my own cloth to use after washing my hands. (I'm still thinking about that). Finally, obviously I don't have to eat that cheese, but its SO good!

Anway, I'll see what happens tomorrow.

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