Thursday, April 17

No trash Day 3

So I used one paper towel, yes one. The ones that are in the bathrooms where I work are so thick they are like cloth. Anyway, I used it all day, even as my napkin at lunch. I met Katie for lunch and so we went to Vietnam. I had fresh spring rolls, instead of the ones packaged in cellophane and Styrofoam, and a sandwich that came in a basket lined with wax paper. I didn't throw a lot of papers away yesterday, but I did make a lot of copies. These copies will either end up in the trash at some point or they will be put in the file room for eternity. The only other trash I made yesterday was a pizza box. I know so easy to avoid, but its Alex's birthday week and so I had to cave.

the list:

1 paper towel
1 wax paper
1 pizza box

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