Friday, April 18

No trash day 4

I had an awesome no trash day Wednesday. That did not carry into Thursday. Well, it kind of did. I brought a rag with me to work so no paper towels or napkins. I brought my lunch in a reusable container and drank water from my reusable cup. Then I went home. It was Alex's birthday and we were going to have a picnic with my sister and brother-in-law. I would have brought sandwiches, but Alex desperately wanted spaghetti so we compromised with tortellini, because I thought it would travel better. We reused plastic ware we had around the house, but I brought paper plates and napkins, because we would be using sauce without a place to wash things and nothing grosses me out more than food left on a plate. I brought one of those "salad in a bag" things. We didn't end up eating all of it, but when I do that bag will be trashed so I'm counting it. I We also drank from aluminum cans, which we recycled thanks to the bins in the park. Oh, and I wrapped the tortellini and sauce containers in aluminum foil to keep them worm (which worked really well. I was pleased.) so we recycled that as well.

The list:
thrown away:
1 plastic tortellini packaging (no I don't make tortellini from scratch)
4 paper plates
8 paper napkins
1 plastic salad bag
2 cheese wrappers (I know I'm still eating that cheese)

4 aluminum cans
4 sheets of aluminum foil

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