Monday, April 21

No trash day 5

So the end of an era. Yes, I have 5 day weeks! My no trash week went out with bag. On Friday I went through an entire day at work with out using any trash at all. I was patting myself on the back as I walked out the door. Then it was time for the 3rd grade retreat. It was at or church, and I volunteered to help out since there were some people who backed out at the last minute. Anyway, there was a bible meal... and well... let's just say that apparently in bible times they ate on plastic picnic table clothes, kept their ingredients in plastic cups (until it was time to mix them up in plastic bowls with plastic spoons), used plastic knives to cut their apples, drank juice and water out of plastic bottles, and ate off of paper plates, with paper napkins. Wow. I think I used enough trash in that one meal to make up for all the trash I didn't use earlier in the week. Also, I was in charge of the craft room which meant, a lot of paper, metal, tape and old markers got tossed in the clean up.

I think this week has showed me what I already new. Our culture is addicted to plastic and throw away stuff. It really drove home just how entrenched this is. In trying to avoid trash on Saturday I found myself wondering what I could buy from the grocery store. The hard fact is that trash in today's society is unavoidable. Sure, there a places where going to a Farmer's market, or bargaining with your neighbors for their eggs would work, but not where I live. Until there is a grocer in the city that will re-use milk bottles, egg cartons and other containers I will be making trash.

There are ways that I can reduce trash, and I have tried to do that.
I think the most important rule is to buy in bulk. Instead of getting two packages of chicken breast, I got one large package, and then portioned them out when I got home using reusable containers. Instead of getting "snack bags" of chips and goldfish I bought bulk and reuse different containers when I want to take a snack along. Using tap instead of bottled water and bringing my own bags when I shop are two major things that are easy to do also. Oh, and as much as I hate to say it, not eating at fast food places goes a long way to cutting trash. So these are the changes I feel like I can make in my life today. I will continue to be conscious of my trash and look for ways to reuse and recycle before I throw away.

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