Thursday, May 29

I'm Moving

I still can't really rap my head around that, and I'm still not really clear on what it is I'm doing. Seriously people, the last time I moved I was in third grade. That was 17 years ago. Honestly who moves out of their parents house for the first time at the age of 25. I'm like that chick in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, except I'm not getting married. When I told them I was going to start looking they both said the same thing. "Why?" That was quickly followed by my mom's over dramatic, "Why would you do this to me?".
So here I am, about to start my own life with the A and suddenly I'm faced with the realization that I can do all those things I said I would do "one day." I can eat healthy meals, maybe go vegetarian. I can use safe house-hold cleaners I can be in a place that isn't centered around a TV. I can make sure all the lights stay off. I'm even thinking about riding a bike to the grocery store. (I don't have a bike, but one day). So I guess the challenge is that now I have no excuses not to do the things I've I wished I could do.
I read something that Jerry wrote not to long ago about always walking through charted territory. I guess this is me stepping off the path.

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