Friday, May 23

Help the No Impact Man

Hey guys,

Colin, aka No Impact Man, has a great post today: We can really make a difference. TODAY. But I need your help. Plus I have some free Reverend Billy DVDs to give away.

He is trying to collect 350 (or 3500) e-mails to send to his local congressman and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosci. Go to his cite to get the whole scoop, but this is what I feel is the most imprortant thing he is asking for:

"Introduce, as soon as possible, a non-binding resolution to
the House of Representatives asserting that we need a
climate change mitigation policy with a goal of no more
than 350 ppm of atmospheric carbon dioxide
(read why here)."

He is also offering to give away a free copy of the "What Would Jesus Buy" DVD.
Personally, let me just say that I have seen "Rev. Billy" on a few news programs
talking about his "mission" and I am not a fan. I agree with the concept, I agree that I don't think our ultra cunsumorism is good, but I just don't like the way he is going about spreading his "message". That aside, don't let that stop you from sending in your e-mail.

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