Thursday, June 12

The Big Moment

So it happened. Alex flew on a plan by herself to Hawaii yesterday. Yes, she went halfway around the world all by herself save a handful of airline workers and a couple hundred passengers. I got the call just past 8:00. She was safe, she was happy and she was heading to the beach.

Last night, for the first time in 26 years I came home from work and bible study at 9:00 to an empty house. (Well, except for Gryffindor). I'm a loner by nature. Not a real people person. So it wasn't something I dreaded. I missed Alex. I missed harassing her. But I did enjoy getting to read my book in peace. I enjoyed listening to Ani Difranco in the car, instead of Tween Disney.

It wasn't until this morning, after I came back from walking Gryffin that I really had the "what now?" feeling. I get up early so I can get Alex up and ready to go. I'm a morning person. So after I got dressed, took Gryffin out, did my make up made my lunch. I had 20 minutes of just sitting there... reading. That was when I felt my life had changed. Alex wasn't there to be harassed for not being ready. My parent's weren't blaring Fox News at me. I was left to myself. Quiet. Peace.

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