Friday, June 13

D-List Brillance!

Kathy Griffin and Anderson "Andy" Cooper posing with random guy

Bravo and I have been great friends for a while now. To be honest I was okay with our separation because while I get into Top Chef and seeing Jackie and her Work Out gang try to out drama each other, they are "musts" for me. The only "must" in my life is Kathy Griffin. Last night was her night.

Her new season got off to a great start. We met her new boe, something I have been looking forward to since I saw her introduce him on the Red Carpet at the Emmey's. He's cool. I love that he's geeky and nerdy and way richer than her so she won't have to worry about him stealing her money. He invented the personal computer in his garage, and the IMac operating system. He's the co-founder at Apple. No not Steve Jobs. The other Steve. Steve Woz. The one whose likeness appears in the form of an animatronic on Space Ship Earth (the ride inside that big ball at Epcot... that's part of Disney World). I'd like to meet that guy some day. I would want to know if he even cares about being part of Disney history. I can go on about this, but I'll spare everyone.
So Kathy did the New Years Eve count down with Anderson Cooper without a delay button. This was huge for her. Can I just say how much I love Anderson. I was a fan before, who else can pull of Prada while reporting from disaster areas? I saw him on Oprah once with his mom and the guy seemed really down to Earth. He was very gracious to Kathy and her crew, even when Jessica came back completely drunk. I love that when Kathy said she was going to call him "Andy" he smiled and say, "Cool, my mom calls me Andy." He seemed like he had fun the whole time and never took himself seriously. I guess hanging out in war zones really puts life in perspective.

The A-List awards followed right after The Life on the D List primer and it was an oh so D-List event. Don't get me wrong. I loved every minute of it. It was smart, funny, and irreverent. Kathy was host and she pulled out all the stops. What other awards show host would poke fun a some of the more out there winners (Tila Tequila) and what other network would let them. It was like a spoof on award shows. I'm pretty sure the nominations and awards where determined by who agreed to show up. And what was with that Laura Hutton award? My favorite moment of the night, (though I loved the Top Chef cook off and the Project Runway All Stars) was when they announced Dena and Ally Lohan as presenters, only to be told by Kathy that they had backed out of the show at 3:00 that day. She then proceeded to dish on them and than did one of the funniest skits of the night with her good pal, former boy band idol, Lance Bass.
The red carpet that proceeded it was kind of off. I have a feeling their "funny guy" was really, really funny but most of it was probably cut. Tim Gunn. I love Tim, but he's just so stiff. He looked like he was reading off of cue cards the whole time and there were A LOT of awkward pauses. Um. Hello editors! Maybe they had to cut out so much silly they had to leave the awkwardness for time reasons.

Anyway, a great time was had by all. The night was a perfect example of what good mindless television should be. I can't wait until next week's D-List, oh and Flipping Out is back on Tuesday! NO ONIONS!

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