Wednesday, July 9

Reading Lolita in Tehran

So I finished reading this memoir in books over the weekend. (Which by the way, I had an very fun and enjoyable 4th of July.) Before I added my review to my Good Books page, I read through some of the reviews. Have you ever had the feeling when you talked about something you had experienced with someone else and you got something completely different out of it? First I was surprised by all the negative reviews. Some where people complaining that she didn't analyse the books enough.(Um... its a MEMOIR not a book analysis). Other's felt that she was too self-centered or too self involved with her telling of life in Tehran during the revolution. (Um... its a MEMOIR not a history book).
I could go on, but instead of telling you why I didn't hate the book, I'll tell you why I liked it.
For one, it gives a really good picture of what its like to be a person. She paints a wonderful picture of the streets of Tehran, of their culture of the people, good and bad. She lets you into her world and asks you to see Tehran as human, as a town. Not as the Islamic Republic. It gives a face to a place that George Bush calls "Evil". Today (or yesterday?) the Iranian government tested missiles that are capable of caring nuclear bombs into Israel and other places in the regain. As the American and Iranian governments continue to beat the drums of war and push their people into mutual destruction, I'm glad that Nasif had a chance to write this book and publish it in American. I'm glad that "EVIL" has a face and a name. I hope this pushes people to stand up against the foreign policy of "Kill first, ask questions later." (Is that a Rambo quote or something? I'm sure I saw that in a movie.)

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