Thursday, July 10

As American As Apple Pie

Michelle, Maila, Barak and Sasha Obama at their home in Chicago. Photo by AP

On July 4th Obama granted an interview to Access Hollywood were he sat down with his daughter's for the first time. The most important thing we learned? Obama is more of a pie man than an ice cream man. After his daughter Sasha (7) pointed out that, "Daddy, you don't like ice cream." Her sister, Malia (10) was quick to add, "but you like pie." Obama then confirmed, "Yes, I like pie." So there you have it folks. All this hand wringing over flag pins. His questionable stance during the national anthem. The terroristic "fist bump". It was for not. The man likes pie. What could be more American than that?

So last night I called Alex. We talked about her day, what we would be doing when she came back. Then I remembered:

Me: Hey, Alex. I saw an interview with
Obama and he said, "I like pie."
Alex: Are you serious! (She started giggling)
Me: Yep. He said it, for real and for true. "I like pie."
Alex: I knew he was Awesome!

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