Thursday, August 21

art not Art

"How was your last day at CAP Alex? How was splash day?"
"Great! We did shaving cream."
"That's always fun."
"Guess what Dylan did?"

I couldn't guess what it was Dylan had done. Dylan the tall stocky boy. Dylan the boy going into fourth grade who looks like he just finished fifth. That Dylan. Every football coach's dream. Except I can't see Dylan ever playing football. He's a real boyish boy. But he also helps the girls get the games that are kept on unreachable shelves. Then he sits and plays it with them. Really, I'm stumped.

"What did Dylan do?"
"He dropped his hot dog."
I hope you didn't laugh at him....
"It was really cool. He had ketchup and mustard on it. When it dropped the colors splattered everywhere. Like a painting. I never thought of him as an artist before. It was awesome. To bad you couldn't frame it. Or eat it."
I'm speechless, but manage a dumb...
"Yeah you wouldn't want to eat it."

"Because you don't eat art."

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