Wednesday, August 27

Non Consumer Confesstional #3

So I didn't confess last week....

I have been slamed at work. And thanks to one VERY self-absorbed lawyer who can't seem to head out of his ass it was not only busy, but stressful. I hardly ever get stressed at work. I'm the one who doesn't take things personally. Well, not this week. And while I still don't take it personally, I was personally drawn into the drama.

So all that to excuess the fact that I ate out last week. A lot. I won't go day by day, it will be too depressing, but...

I bought lunch 5 times. I bought dinner 6 times.

I used my target gift card to get containors for my recycling. (Previously I had just been using old boxes, but my recycling was startign to look like a trash heep so I decided to clean it up).

I also used the gift card to get an easy listening jazz CD. Because I need something suthing to listen to while I read and siped some wine after the week I had.

Then Sunday, my mom convenced me to go with my sister to Spring. It's an old town filled with shopes that are filled with antiques and a small variouity of other usless objucts. I did, however find two metal signs. They were half off. I didn't want to buy them. I had to.

Then Monday came. We didn't have any food (we went to the store Monday night). I wrote a $20 check for Alex to have money in her lunch account this year.

So that is it.

As a pre-convesstional,
I am about to pay for Alex to get her:
school shirt,
yearbook and
I will also pay her...
$15 school chior dues,
$10 class fund,
and my $5 PTA dues.

And while I am checking the bottom of my purse for coins, I will also pay to reserve the town car that is going to pick us up from the airport next month when we go to DISNEY WORLD!!!!

I'm glad this month is over.

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