Monday, August 11

Buy NOTHING Confesstional Week 2

I think I might have mad a D.

I'm not doing great... not horrible either though.

August 6

We went to Bible Study so I donated money towards the food we ate, but it was all homemade salad stuff. Oh, and then Alex and I got Ice Cream on our way home.

August 7


August 8

My brain was fried from work. My last good work friend came and told me he was quiting on Monday. I left with a huge project hanging over my head. I caved. Alex and I bought dinner at the mall. BUT that's all we got at the Mall.

August 9

It was my Aunt's birthday and my mom was taking her out to lunch. I hardly ever get to see her. They were eating at this really cute tea room. So I went. I didn't buy the meal though, my mom did. Does that not count against me?

August 10

My whole family went to lunch at this great Greek Restaurant. My sister works for the Company that owns it so she paid for a lot of it. I did chip in though so that's a strike against me. Also, I volunteered at a Farmer's market. I bought soap because I need something that lathers for when I shave my legs (since Alex used my expensive Dr. Bronner's Shaving gel as bubble bath), and I bought a hand made bib and burp cloth for my cousin for when she has her baby shower.

August 11

Do to being an idiot and not setting my alarm right, I woke up late this morning. Then I set the microwave wrong and fried Alex's lunch (spaghetti O's) so I had to heat up the soup I was going to take for me and give it to her. Since we didn't get to go to the store this weekend and was running late, I am going to have to buy lunch (with a gift card). Tonight I will buy real food, I promise.

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