Wednesday, August 6

Buy NOTHING Confesstional week 1

I flunked.

How did I do for the first 5 days of August? Horrible.

Let's see.

August 1
I bought some groceries which don't count, but then I let my sister talk me into eating the pizza she picked up on the way over.

August 2
My house warming. It was really a lot of fun and I loved seeing everyone who came. I also loved all the food my friends made/brought so I didn't buy anything that day.

August 3
This is a little more dicey. I didn't buy the food, but my sister did (no, not the pizza one, the other one, the Sonic one).

August 4
I don't know if was the threat of death brought on by approaching tropical storm Eduardo or what, but I bought a lot that day.
  • Thank you notes for the party (I don't know that I count those because the proceeds go to cancer research)
  • A parking space at the medical center (that might not count since it was a medical thing)
  • lunch - in order to kill time and avoid going into work I stopped and ate lunch. I ate it there, I didn't use any throw away things, still I ate out.
  • I took Alex to Build-a-Bear. She made a bear she doesn't need and we got it pajama's and an outfit it doesn't need. I know. She keeps asking and I just wanted to do something fun since I hate my job so much right now.
  • We ate in the food court. I know. I ate out twice in one day for no reason.
  • We went to the movie and saw Wall-E. That movie rocks! I immediately felt bad about everything I had just done.

August 5

That was a good day for me. I guess it was because of the tropical storm that hit. (Or didn't). I did drive into work because I didn't want risk being stranded downtown. Other than that the only thing I bought was milk.

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