Wednesday, September 3

Miss Republican 2008

I have been trying to find info on Sarah Palin that wasn't just gossip.

It wasn't easy because she has no foreign policy stance, writings or experience. Well, I take that back. I saw a clip where one McCain rep pointed out that Alaska is really close to Russia. She failed to mention it, but Alaska also shares a border with Canada. (I wonder if she has been to the World Showcase in Epcot?) Palin also has no stance on jobs. National security and the economy evidently haven't crossed her desk as something she needed to weigh in on.

She has, however voiced the opinion that that dinosaurs and people lived on the planet at the same time. Creationism should be taught along side evolution. Polar bears are not endangered. Abstinence only education works wonders. Drilling in ANWR will give her husband a job us oil independence. She is an active member of the NRA. Apparently she has let her AIP (Alaska Independence Party) membership expire.

According to the Huffington Post, she worked for a lobbying firm at some point. She lobbied for socially conservative issues and more oil drilling. She asked her state's US Senators to bring home the "pork" for Alaska. (Something McCain is against). They have more federal money per person than any other state. She pushed for the "bridge to no where" before she changed her mind about it in July.

She also got tough on government spending and cut wasteful programs like the ones that helped teenage moms. (Isn't that ironic?) Really who needs that kind of social welfare. Since 1982, the Alaska Permanent Fund, which invests oil revenues from state lands, has paid out a dividend on invested oil loot to everyone who has been in the state for a year. But Palin upped the ante by joining with Democrats and some recalcitrant Republican state legislators to share in oil company windfall profits, further fattening state tax revenue and permitting an additional payout in tax funds to residents. According to Robert Sheer, this year every resident will get a $3,200 payout. That's $22,400 for a family of seven, like Palin's. Its no wonder she has an 80% approval rating. McCain has decried Obama's call for a windfall profit tax so I can't wait to see how he handles the contradiction. (It's probably a private family matter that shouldn't be discussed.)

We all know that Jesus is Republican. So its no surprise that Sarah goes to an Assembly of God Church. Her pastor has preached that critics of President Bush will be banished to hell and questioned whether people who voted for Sen. John Kerry in 2004 would be accepted to heaven. Her pastor also put his hands on Sarah and prayed over her during her race for governor. According to her account, "He said, 'Lord, make a way, and let her do this next step.' And that's exactly what happened. So, again, very very powerful coming from this church."

Its a good thing she won because unlike a lot of us peons, Sarah Palin knows "God's will." According to her, the Iraq war is "..a task that is from God." Apparently God also wants the $30 Billion Alaskan national gas pipeline project, "I think God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that."

In short she a gift to the Evangelical religious right and those who favor drilling for oil over preserving the Earth.

You can count me out.

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The Cooking Lady said...

In a country as great as ours(Or used to be) these are thee only two candidates we can come up with.

But this Palin character, she is something. I have been planning to blog about(on my other blog) her, but I find myslef getting so worked up that I always have to back out.

Great post!