Monday, January 5

Best of 2008

The best new song I listened to repeatedly was "Love Bug" by the Jonas Brothers. I'm a little assumed to admit that (they are a boy band), but its a cute song and completely unlike any other "new" song out there.

The song I feel in love with this year is the Untitled Hymn by Chris Rice. I am a huge fan of his. This song really touches on something. I have no idea when he actually released it, but this is the year I connected with it.

Best books read include Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart by John Guy and Reading Lolita in Tehran: A memoir by Azar Nafisi. I also enjoyed picking up Sense and Sensibility again and I give a node to both Caroline Graham and Nick Hornby whose books I have enjoyed this year. The Spiritual Life by Eveyln Underhill was also very good. I am now carrying Winter Hours by Mary Oliver around with me (again) so I mention that one as well.

For movies I have to say that I have fallen short in seeing very many adult films this year so my list is very limited. The Fall was very good. As was Death at a Funeral which came out some time ago, but which I didn't see until this year was really good. My very favorites include Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E.

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