Monday, January 5

My Apartment Exploded

I didn't post about Christmas, partly because unlike everyone else on Earth work did not slow down for me. I was a busy as ever and did not have a minute of "me time" at work.

The other part of that was how it all turned out. I was determined not to have a spend happy Christmas. We got a $5 tree artificial tree and 50 cent strands of lights from a local department store that was getting ride of its used floor displays. We borrowed old ornaments that my parents had and made some out of felt and popsicle sticks. I bought my family members "experiences" instead of "stuff" and made sure not to buy my daughter too much.

So why does my apartment now look like a disaster zone? My Mother.

My mother, God bless her is a shopper. She buys Christmas presents early and often, and my daughter (the youngest grandchild) got the brunt of it. She now has all kinds of worthless things to add to her already large collection of worthless things. I have to admit, the bike is awesome, but why does she need a rainbow maker or a caramel apple machine? I have spent the last week just trying not to look around (or brake my neck) for fear of completely losing my mind.

So this weekend we will have to roll up our sleeves and organize. Wish me luck as I prepare Alex for the realization that some of her stuff will have to go....

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