Thursday, January 29

The life of an Intellectual ....

Properties prosecution paralegal is really boring. I know this because I am one. Unlike criminal prosecution which involves juicy stories, negotiations, and trials, IP prosecution just involves a lot of paperwork. My job is to file and keep track of paper work. Most of this is falls between exceedingly mundane and impossible unintelligible. I have no idea what the Inhibitors of C-KIT and Uses Thereof refers to nor why the world needs a Digital Restriction Enzyme Analysis of Methylation.

So when something happens across my desk that I can identify with, I'm pleased. And today it happened. In the course of filing a trademark in the United Arab Emirates, I had some documents legalized. They were returned to me today after making the rounds from the Texas Department of State, The UAE Embassy and the US Department of State. Signed and Sealed. Signed by Hillary Clienton.

I am almost tempted to keep them. Tell our clients they were lost in the mail and we would have to restart the process. I don't know why, but I felt great pride when I saw the important looking paper describing the former first lady as our Secretary of State. Now it really has sunk in just how much our world has changed since I was born. I'm only 26!

I remember watching when Hillary and Bill stumbled out the woods of Arkansas and rose from political obscurity to become the savors of the Democratic party. I remember Hillary's really bad hair cuts and her comments about Barbra Bush "making cookies". I remember the out rage of conservative women who felt that a wife had no business putting a toe in the political arena. Even if she was a highly respected and accomplished attorney she should spend her time making cookies, not policies.

Now look... our little Hillary is all grown up. And I can't help but feel that our country has grown with her.

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