Wednesday, February 4

Food Waste Reduction Challenge - February 2009 Okay. The Challenge officially started on Sunday. Full disclosure... I took Chruncy's advise and emptied my cabinets of things that had gone bad so as to have clean slate.

What I got ride of...

The last drops of Milk that expired on 1/28. (It was still in the fridge because I only take the trash out once a week).

Half of a mushroom. I don't know why I didn't just cook the whole mushroom. Who knows what I thought I had been saving it for.

The last of some left over couscous. I'm a couscous fan, but like I said, not a huge left over person.

That's it... Clean slate.

So far the only things that I have wasted are the two frozen waffles I popped in the toaster for me and Alex on Monday. Before hurrying out the door with out them. By Tuesday morning they were hard as rocks. There was no way I was going to save them. So they became my first casualties of the challenge.

On a side note, for the record, I'm only counting me in this challenge. My daughter is not an eater. World hunger would end if I could give all her left overs away. It is impossible to cook for her. After 9 years I have thrown up the white flag. She eats what she eats and the rest is tossed. So I'm not going to count her because it would make me look really bad.

Alright.. now on with the Challenge!

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