Thursday, January 22

Waste Not...

Food Waste Reduction Challenge - February 2009 Crunchy Chicken is hosting this challenge next month. When I first read her post I wasn't going to join. It just "wasn't my thing." I don't let food go bad. (Generally speaking). I'm not saying that I am some kind of food saint, I simply don't have the income that allows me to spend $7.89 on chicken, so I can watch it go bad in my fridge.

I do, however have a confession to make.... I don't do left overs. I'm just not a fan. There are exceptions to this rule. Like soup. Mac and Cheese. Rice. Thanksgiving turkey. Dressing. ... okay, maybe there are only five exceptions to that rule. I just don't like eating things that look gross. To me, cold chicken generally looks gross. Cold green beans... gross. Cold spaghetti sauce... disgusting

I'm not going to try to justify my aversion to left overs. I realize that it is, mostly, unfounded. Reheated spaghetti sauce taste just as good the second time. Why not reheat those green beans that were frozen to begin with?

So I am on the band wagon. I am going to challenge my fear.

(Did you know that there is no "scientific name for "Fear of left overs"? At least non that google could efficiently find.)


Iota said...

Cold chicken? It's delicious. Try it with mayo, or salsa, or just about anything.

Microwave the cold green beans.

If you google "bubble and squeak", you'll find that it's a British recipe for leftovers. People either love it or hate it.

Katy said...

I guess you are right. I do love chicken salade, which is just cold chicken with mayo and celery (grapes and walnuts if you are super creative).

I will have to google "bubble and squeak." Its the kind of thing I have read about in books. I always assumed it had something to do with pigs...