Monday, February 23

Food Waste Report

I didn't do well this week.

In my defense, my mother fell on Tuesday, broke her knee, bruised her face and gave herself one heck of a black eye.

So while I was spending a lot of this week at my parent's house doing damage control, my food was rotting away in the refrigerator.

The half pound of meat I had taken out of the freezer on Tuesday to thaw died a second death in my sink. I forgot all about it until Wednesday morning when I went to make myself a cup of tea. By then it was brown, and gross. I also had to pour the last few drops of milk down the sink. Then ones I had saved for Alex to finish up at dinner, but didn't get to.

Oh, and there was a fruit tray I took home from a party. We ate on it, but there was A LOT left and by Saturday afternoon I gave it up and tossed the rest out.

So there you have it. I promise to do better in the days a head.

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