Wednesday, February 4

Things I Have Heard, Seen and Read...

At the bus stop:
On fellow passenger helping out another who is blind...
"Our bus is over there."(he points)
"There!"(he points more emphatically).

Alex's comment when she learned she would be going out to eat with my mom...
"She's fun to hang out with, but you don't even know the whole story!"
"What's the 'whole story'?"
"She never lets me pick where we go! END OF STORY!"

For the first time in my life I saw someone get arrested. It wasn't dramatic. They walked the guy out of an office building in cuffs and put him in a patrol car. Still, it was a first.

Its almost spring. I am starting to see the sun more and more each day.

Yesterday I participated in a discussion about Christianity with Christians of many different points of view. We listened to each other. No one tried to back anyone into a corner. No one told anyone they were going to hell.

I learned that Alexander the Great died of a fever. Some think he may have been poisoned. I always assumed he died in battle.

The other day Alex told me she wants to be Ice Cream Taste tester when she grows up...
"I thought you wanted to test message chairs."
"I can do both at the same time!"

Nick Hornby recently observed on his blog...
"...These words are perhaps the truest and wisest to be found in any contemporary fiction - maybe any fiction from any age:
'The guard barked, ‘No diving’. But the guy, crash-landing, didn’t hear her. He had already gone into the butterfly, the stroke of assholes.Anyone doing butterfly anywhere is an obnoxious idiot, but to do it in a small hotel pool is beyond endurance. Arrogant, preening,beady-eyed little pricks in muscle shirts do butterfly. Marines and state troopers, premature ejaculators. The kind of men who clap between push-ups.'"
~passage from Lisa Zeidner’s novel Layover

I once read... not sure where... (Cloud of Unknowing I think)
"Our need for understanding separates us from God ."

Last Friday the birds downtown by the Alley Theater were dancing in the air.

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