Friday, February 27

Wisdom of our Mothers

My mother has recently broken her knee. Really, it was broken for her. By my father's dog. Yes, my poor hapless father, god bless him, bought a German short haired pointer earlier this year because he "likes they way they look." And he is a haunter. Always out for the latest accessory. So of course he would get a haunting dog. A dog that he wants to keep in the house. A dog who is being trained to point birds. A dog who is not being trained to live with people in a house. For whatever reason, when it came to the insistence of my sisters and I that our father teach his dog to sit, stay, not jump on people, he refused.

Nothing is his dog's fault. Not even my mother's knee. You see... she wasn't using the proper leash when she tried to bring her inside before she went off to work. So my mother was careless. Never mind the dog who doesn't know to come, sit, stay. The dog who, when she stands up on her back legs is taller than my mother.

Of course my mother didn't see the sequence of events quite the same way as my father. She was quite sure that it was the dog pushing her over, and then sprinting into the leaving room that caused her to fall, hit her head on the arm of a chair and land hard on the tile floor.

To make amends my father has had an extra cable box installed in my mother's room while she recuperates. While this is a nice little plus, I know the women is going stir crazy. She calls us all the time. Wants constant company, and yesterday morning when I dropped by she was yelling at the cable company. "When are you people going to find them? Where could they have gone to? My Fashion Police are on right now and I am going to miss the best and worst dressed if you don't get them back now!"

Apparently something went wrong during an overnight upgrade and some channel's were "lost". My mom just could not understand how they lost track of them. "You would think they would keep them all together in one spot." Like the channels are not data in a computer system, but naughty sheep who ran away while the farmer wasn't watching them.

I called later in the day to check in and see how things were coming. The channels had been found. They were safe and sound back in their little box. Mom had even been able to watch another Fashion Police re-run.

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