Monday, May 18

Flirting With Disaster

This weekend I made a casserole that Alex wasn't very impressed with. That's fine. I didn't think she would be. She generally takes exception to most foods. I made the casserole in parts over the course of the weekend. This was so that when it came time to make it, all I had to do was throw everything together. But I think it was a tactical error. Alex had way to much time to think the whole thing over.

While I was chopping an onion...

Alex: What are you doing?
Me: Chopping.
Alex: Why?
Me: What do you mean? (I was trying to be nonchalant.)
Alex: Well are you chopping that onion for a reason or just for the heck of it? Just so you know, I don't like onions.
Me: Point taken.

At the same time I was boiling potatoes. Alex likes potatoes so this part worked in my favor. It distracted her and she dropped the onion conversation.

Of course, sooner or later I was going to have to put it all together and serve the dish. I waited until the last possible second. On Sunday. After taking her to Build-a-Bear (to use a gift card she got for her birthday) and to see Star Trek. She was in a good mood. The odds were tilting towards a neutral reaction.

But the comments started right when I put the bowl in front of her.

Alex: What is this called?
Me: Its a casserole. (I did not tell her that its call Cheeseburger casserole because she hates cheeseburgers. See what I mean about not liking anything?)
Alex (digging through it with her fork): This seems to have a lot of onions.
Me: Don't eat them.

We left it at that for about 5 minutes. Me eating what I have decided is a pretty decent dish and Alex, nibbling here and there. Not willing to say she hates it, but also not willing to just eat it either.

Then it happened.

Alex: Is this a mushroom!?!?!
Me: What? (I tried to play dumb)
Alex: This is a mushroom!
Me: What is?
Alex: This thing on my fork. It came out of the casserole. Are the mushrooms in this?
Me: I don't know why you think it is necessary to run around killing innocent mushrooms with your fork. Just leave them a lone and eat your dinner.
Alex: I didn't run anywhere. It was right here in my bowl. That's how it got to my fork. I hate mushrooms they are gross. I don't want to eat them.
Me: Than why are you stabbing them with your fork? Just leave it alone and eat.
Alex: This is impossible. There is too much to eat around. Is this all we are having?
Me: Yes.
Alex: Okay. I guess I'm full then.

So much for eating the left overs for dinner all week.

I know people say, just make the kids eat what you made. If they don't like it then tough. And I can see the logic in this for say, a family of four. But when its just the two of you? It seems pretty stupid to continually make things that only one of you is going to eat.

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