Thursday, May 14

Who are you kidding?

Honestly, I am not one of those people that likes to beat up on tween programs and boy bands. I was there. I was once in love with Joey from NKOTB. As an adult I have watch the cartoons I was in love with as a kid, the ones I insisted were "so above what they have now" when I was a teen. I have since realized that the Smurfs and Gummie Bears were indeed stupid shows. The dialogue is horrible. The situations are predictable. Still, I have a special place for them in my heart.

Because of my pop culture infused childhood, I am really forgiving when it comes to things like Hanna Montana: The Movie. Yes, it follows a predictable plot line. The acting isn't going to win anyone an Academy Award. The ending comes as no surprise. I still chuckle at the thought that an entire town would keep Miley's super star secret but, since the townsfolk aren't phased by supper stars like Rascal Flats and Taylor Swift just randomly hanging out on their front porches and showing up at their barbeques I guess its a little more understandable. So unexplainable cameos and ridiculous situations aside, its light hearted fun with out gratuitous violence and explicit sex scenes. Something that I could sit through without rolling my eyes. For that it gets a 4 out of 5 stars.

But of course, no body's perfect right? Last week, I am sorry to say, I meet my match. I found something in the tween genera that even I could not forgive, and that my friends, was Jonas. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Jonas Brothers. If you ignore their ridiculously skinny jeans and look at them from the waist up (or close your eyes) they aren't that bad. They have some catchy tunes that are fun to sing a long with. I'm afraid that their music is not enough to save their new TV show. That's right, they have their own sitcom now. Sure, roll your eyes, but I watched the New Kid's On the Block animated series. I came to the table with an open mind. I was not ready to dis Jonas out of hand. I think I was half way through the episode that aired last Sunday when I started saying things out loud like "Are they seriously trying to pretend like these guys are in high school?" and "Joe looks older than they guy who is playing their dad!" I know that Nick is really only 16 and I honestly have no idea how old the other 2 are, but you can't pull off "high school" student with a guy who has a 5 o'clock shadow. All the acting was over the top (even by Disney Channel standards). The script was non existent. Words can not describe the horribleness of it. The show sucked so bad I didn't want to watch it because I felt sorry for everyone it. (Not the audience reaction you want for a sitcom).

On this week's episode, the brothers all fall in love with the same pizza delivery girl. Featuring their hit song, I Fell in Love with the Pizza Girl! And hilarity ensues???

God grant me to grace to accept the things I can not change...

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