Monday, July 6

I like Pie...

but I never would have thought that I would be making so many in such a short amount of time.

For several reasons, (wine and laughter) the pie I made on father's day didn't turn out right. I wasn't paying attention to the filling and messed the whol thing up before I even got to the hard part. The merigune. Since it was over before it started. I admit that I didn't really spend much time on the merigue. I was so disappointed with my work so far I just wanted it all to be done with. So instead of following deatiled directions I was given I chose the simpler "down home version" instead.

Whip egg whites and add sugar to taste.

I think this works best if you are a real cook. If you do this kind of thing a lot. If making a merginue pie for is like falling out of bed in the morning, this receipe probably works really well for you. I don't make pies that much. I'm more of a cake person. I needed more guidance. My pie fell flat.

No problem... take two.

I made another pie this weekend. This time I was more concentrated on the mergainue. I studied the detailed directions the night before. I was ready for battle.

This new receipe was awesome. The merguiue was beter. The peeks could were a little off, but the glaring problem was the filling. Instead of real choclote filling, we used my sister's no fat, no sugar filling. It was gross. Really gross. So there will now have to be a thrid pie. Not a problem though. I have left over crust sitting in my sister's freezer.

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