Tuesday, July 7

A Special Kind of Stupid....

The bus ride home was crowed yesterday. I had to squeeze in between a woman on her cell phone and a homeless man. I got to hear two very interesting conversations. (Some names and information has been changed to protect the stupid).

First the cell phone woman:

"Yes, I need to speak to you about my credit card account. The number is ****************. My name is S-T-U-P-I-D Last name H-E-A-D. My address is **** Katy Freeway. No, K-A-T-Y new word F-R-E-E-W-A-Y. ... yes, that's right and the street address is ****. ..... Yes, I want to make a payment with my checking account. My bank is Bank of the Retarded. The name on the account is my name, STUPID HEAD. The routing number is ******* My account number is ********. Thank you for all your help!"

Second the homeless man:

"Stupid ass women giving out her information to the world. Now 50 people on this bus know where she lives and how to steal her money. What a Bitch. God Damn Christians. People think can do anything. Think they are the only ones in the world. Not right. Its not right. God damn it."

The homeless man went on to say a lot of other things that lead me to believe that 1) He was homeless and wondering about fresh socks 2) He was on his way to an AA meeting at a local church and 3) He regretted his choice to become a Christian last weekend because if he hadn't, he would have taken the women's information and used it to buy alcohol. And frankly, I think she would have deserved it.

The great thing is, I don't think cell phone woman ever realized that someone (even if it wasn't the homeless man next to me, it could have been the guy in the suit standing in front of me) someone on that bus could have been writing down or memorizing her information. Heck, I still remember what her name is, that she lives on the Katy Freeway and the name of her bank. I don't think she realized this at all because after she ended the conversation with her credit card company, she immediately called one of her friends to talk about a dress she bought last weekend. She was off in her own little world when she should have been listening to the crazy homeless guy who was mostly talking to himself about socks. She would have learned a valuable lesson.


Jen said...

Thanks for a good chuckle. :)

Iota said...

Yes, she could have learned a thing or two.