Sunday, July 12

Sense and Sensebility

Chop Suey,
Edward Hopper, 1929
Since when did I become the Elinor in a world surrounded by Mariannes? When I was young I was a romantic. I promise I was. I think I still am. But more and more when my friends tell me about their relationships, I find myself saying, "break up with them". "Don't go there". "Why are you putting up with this?" They come to me excited about their one true love and all I see is another Willouhby. I am quite positive that some of them are, in fact, just deluding themselves. But they can't all be crazy. Can they? Elinor where is your heart?

And unless I plan on dying tomorrow, I need to stop using the phrase "when I was young." I think that phrase should be off limits to any under the age of 80.


Iota said...

They might not be crazy, but they might be a little less mature than you.

Great picture, by the way.

Robin said...

I don't think I use that phrase 'when I was young' a lot, at my tender age of 57. That just isn't some place I naturally go. Maybe it is because I live in layers anyway.