Sunday, July 12

Sunday School Lesson - Ruth

We made bread for this lesson because in the story Ruth is gathering wheat to make bread for her and Naomi to eat. And on a feminist side note... I was flipping through several children's stories to for ideas of how to tell this story. In three out of the four books I looked in the title given to this story had nothing to do with Ruth. While stories about David and Daniel have titles like "Boy killed Giant" and "Daniel was brave", I found titles of Ruth story that read, "Helping a Friend" and worst of all, "Boaz was kind". Girls don't have a lot of stories in the bible at all. When they do show up, I don't see why we need to make them into secondary characters.

Okay, rant over... here is the lesson:

Making Pretzels: We started with this to give the pretzels time to bake. We have 3 kids in our class with wheat and glutton allergies so I bought a wheat/glutton free bread mix from the store and followed the directions. I made the dough ahead of time, and made about two inch wide dough balls and refigerated them. Give each kid one piece of dough and wax paper. Roll the dough into a worm. Fold into the shape of a pretzel. Brush egg wash on pretzel and add salt if desired. Bake as directed (you can also use Pillsbury bread sticks for this)

Joys and Concerns/Opening Prayer


Game: Balloon Sandwich
Rules: Ruth and Naomi were great friends. Ruth left her homeland to help Naomi. Naomi thanked Ruth when she helped her by gathering food. Now we are going to play a game of friend helping each other.
Form 2 teams then everyone will need a partner. The first two pairs will step up to the start line and face their chair 10 ft. away. Each pair will hold a balloon between them, back to back. They will have to walk around the chair and return to the start and pass the balloon to the next pair.

Eat pretzels

Closing: Today we learned that when friends love one another they care, they share, they help and they look out for each other.

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Iota said...

You make a great point about how girl stories in the Bible are used to draw lessons about the men in them, or just general human lessons. It is indeed a shame.

The book of Ruth speaks of the huge bond that women can develop (and seem to find it easier to develop than men), and how life-changingly important those bonds can be. Perhaps that's not really kids' Sunday school stuff...