Wednesday, July 1

Sunday School Lesson

I am going to start a new series. Sunday School Lessons for 3rd-5th graders. I have been writing lessons for this age group for years now and I am continually disappointed by the lack of original ideas out there. So this is to help anyone who might be searching google for lesson ideas. These are summer lessons so they each stand on their own. I try to use a little resources as possible, or use resources already available to my church.

Anyway.... first lesson.

Made in God’s Image
Verse: Genesis 1:26-28

Opening: Joys and Concerns/Offering

Game: Shorts and Mingle
Shorts Rules: We are going to start with shorts. Everyone starts in the middle of the room. I will name two things. You will have 3 seconds to join the group of the one you like best. First group will go to the back of the room and the second group will go to the stage.
Categories: Movies/Books; fancy/casual; Donkeys/Donuts; singing/ dancing; swimming/kickball; etc.

Mingle Rules: I am going to give you a category the first one will be FAVORITE CANDY BAR. Think about what your favorite candy bar is. Now you have 30 seconds to mingle and form a group of people who like the same candy bar as you. Its okay if you end up in a group by yourself, but if there are two separate groups of people who like the same candy bar it means you didn’t do a good job of mingling and you are out. GO!
Other categories: Toothpaste Flavor; favorite subject in school; Best vacation spot; favorite ice cream flavor

Note: The kids loved the mingle game. They didn't want to stop playing

Even though God created each of us different in many ways, we are also alike in many others. Read the bible verse. The Bible tells us that we are all created in the image of God.
What is an image? Does being created in God’s image mean that we look like God? (The point: We are created to reflect God's love in our actions and our choices.)

Snack: Ice Cream Sundaes (we just happened to have the stuff left over from another event. You don't have to do ice cream, the point is to have the kids serve each other.): We had the 5th graders scoop the ice cream for everyone, the 3rd graders helped with different syrups and the 4th graders helped with sprinkles so everyone served someone else.

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