Monday, July 27

Wisdom of a 10 year old.

Alex was sick this weekend. I meant she spent a lot more time hanging out with me than she has in the past few months. Usually she is outside somewhere or else in her room. But this weekend she was glued to the coach and had some really funny things to say.

While we were watching an episode of Dr. G: Medical Examiner they were talking about health complications from obesity and showing the standard file footage of fat people walking around various cities and malls.

Alex: Why do they always show the fat people's butts?
Me: I don't know.
Alex: Its hard to look someone in the face and say something mean about them.

We were flipping channels and saw footage of Micheal Jackson's hair catching on fire.

Alex: Is that Micheal Jackson? So his hair really did catch on fire. Gosh he was weird.

I was leaving to go teach Sunday school and I asked Alex if she was up to going.

Alex: No, I'm exhausted. I better stay here.
Me: So you want to clean up while I'm gone?
Alex: Do you even know the definition of exhausted?

I was watching a lecture on C-Span about Abe Lincoln.

Alex: Hey, isn't that the guy who broke into his house?
Me: yeah, it is.
Alex: He looks different when he's not yelling.
Me: I think we all look different when we aren't yelling.
Alex: I don't know, I think you look about the same.

We spent hours watching the Disney Channel and I couldn't take it anymore.

Me: Hey Alex, pick out a movie.
Alex: Okay, how about Hannah Montana?

We watched Emperors New Groove. I decided to use it in my Sunday School lesson and was trying to find an Old Testament story that talked about being humble.

Alex: Why do you have to have a bible story? Just say "Be nice or people will try to kill you."

Edit: I can't believe I almost forgot her request when I was going to the greorcery store...

Me: Want anything special for your lunches?
Alex: Yes! I want something that comes in its own thing. Its own bags.
Me: Like what?
Alex: I don't know. Just something that comes in seprate bags. Like you know chips that come in different bags or like cookies or something where they are in their own bags and not just all in a box.
Me: Okay. Well.. do you want chips?
Alex: No.
Me: Cookies?
Alex: No.
Me: What then?
Alex: Just something that comes in is own thing. I think I better come with you.

She did go with me and after a lot of looking she ended up getting a box of Nutterbutters that came in packs of 4. Who needs to eat 4 Nutterbutters in one sitting? I don't normally get her things like that, (a. because of the enviromental impack of seperate packageing and b. because I know that at some point I will eat 4 Nutterbutters in one sittng) but she had a crappy weekend so I figured, why not?

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Iota said...

Interesting comment re how tv doesn't show fat people's faces when criticizing them.