Monday, August 24

Back to School and Buying Things....

I have been sloshing through law firm hell. I guess that is why I didn't feel one bit guilty when I took the day off on Friday to take the A to meet her teacher and buy new school clothes.

We meet her teacher, poor thing. She seems really sweet. But she is new. I guess at her former school she dealt with parents who were reasonable. Parents who would have excepted the fact that the school has been under construction all summer as an excuse for why there was nothing on the walls and the room was full of boxes. When we walked in the the tension was already palatable. Mothers were looking around in horror and whispering urgently in the corner. I just pretended like I had no idea what was going on and chatted up the teacher, who by this time looked like a deer in the head lights. She clearly realized she was about to be run over. I wish I could say I stuck it out with her, but after offering some encouraging words and insuring her that, at least one parent didn't think the state of her room meant she is unfit to teach my child, we quickly dashed off.

I guess it was the stress of the morning on top of the stress of the whole week, but I didn't think twice before heading to Target for back to school shopping. We got Alex a "First day of school" outfit that she insisted on picking out. She is not exactly fashionably inclined. I'm not either, but my clothes do match. I wear basic things like denim. Alex, god bless her, walks to her to the bet of her own drummer. After a lot of negotiation she ended up with an outfit that looks suspiciously like everything else she owns. 10 pairs of socks and one pair of pink Converse latter and we were done. Oh, yeah and Alex needed new earrings. She hasn't changed them since she got them pierced in June so I figured she was due. All totaled, back to school cost me $63.80. Not bad.

Other slips on my buy nothing challenge. I bought lunch from a neighborhood restaurant on Saturday as a reward for cleaning all day.

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