Monday, August 24


I feel like it has been ages since I posted anything half way intelligent. I wish I had something intelligent to say now. I don't.

I was flipping through recipes this weekend looking for something to make. I found one for chocolate muse. I read through the ingredients. Found I already had everything listed. I read through the recipe and got to a part that said "poor chocolate mixture into medium sized bowl set inside larger bowl of ice. Fold until thickened."

Bowl of ice. Those three words ended any ideas of muse I might have been entertaining. I don't keep ice in my apartment. I'm not from Europe, I'm not anti ice. I just don't have an ice maker and I don't really ever have an occasion to need ice. So I just don't. The thought of buying a bag of it for the sole purpose of making muse just didn't appeal to me.

I made cupcakes instead. I didn't have any buttermilk, but I could improvise that. (One cup of milk with one tablespoon of white vinegar set out for 10 minutes.) Also for some reason that I don't quite remember, I have had a thing of chocolate icing sitting in my pantry almost since the day we moved in. This was a good excuse to use it. I wish I could say that the cupcakes from scratch tasted better than the ones from the box. They weren't as light or moist. I think part of that was that I let Alex do the whisking and I think she over whisked. I also wonder how much difference real buttermilk would make in this situation. I'm not writing off the concept of cupcakes from scratch quite as fast as I did mac and cheese. (Kraft mystery powder is better than any homemade I have ever tasted.) I especially like the fact that when the dry ingredients don't come from a box you can cut the end result in half. Meaning I could make 12 cupcakes for our gathering of 8 instead of 24. But the buttermilk situation is still there. If anyone knows a place in Houston that sells dry buttermilk I would love to know where to go.


Pete the Brit said...

You prefer Kraft Mystery powder to good homemade Mac and Cheese????

[shaking head in disbelief]

Katy said...

I don't prefer it to GOOD homemade, but most tends to be either dry or clumpy. *gross*
I'm just not tempted to try to make something that will probably end in disaster when I have an 89 cent box of perfection sitting in my pantry.