Monday, October 19

Homemade Report

I made a gift for my punk rocker nephew. If I had it together I would post a picture. As it is, you'll just have to use your vivid imagination. I took an old vinyl record and pained a handicap parking sign on it. But instead of HANDICAP PARKING, it says... GOOD TIMES.

BACK STORY: My nephew decided to celebrate the start of the summer after his high school graduation by going to a party and jumping off the roof of a two story house and into a swimming pool. Only he didn't land in the swimming pool (missed by less than an inch). He broke several bones in his left foot and shattered the heal. He also broke his right wrist for good measure.

We aren't a particularly sensitive family. We like to poke fun of you when you are down. Honestly I wasn't sure if it was that funny of an idea at first, but when Alex saw it she laughed.

Now, I have to figure out what to do for my country loving nephew who is a card carrying member of the NRA.

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