Friday, October 16

Buy Hand for the Holidays Challenge - 2009 I put off taking this challenge because. Yes because. Who wants anything that I make by hand? You can click on the icon and it will take to Chrunchy's challenge page. Read the comments... they are all a variation of "Yes, of course! I knit/sew everything by hand anyway. Maybe this year I'll make my own thread." My level of enthusiasm isn't there. I don't knit or sew. I can bake and make crafty things that involve paint, paper and glue. So you'll understand if I still have a healthy level of doubt about my ability to really stick to my 75% homemade pledge.

Why take it at all then? I started thinking, trying to envision what I would do for everyone. What can make for my 18 year old punk rocker nephew that he would actually enjoy? I haven't got a clue. But for the first time in years I am actually thinking about people's gifts. This the end of the card/cash cop-out. Do teenagers appreciate thought as much as cash?

And why so early? There are only 10 weekends between now and Christmas. Its chrunch time.

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robin said...

Okay, I got to her website. I added it to my favorites.

Thanks for your gift of yourself and time in the park today.