Tuesday, October 13

I took the day off yesterday. I could be cute and say that it was my way of protesting the fact that Columbus has a holiday, but really I was just tired of work and the people at work.

Its not uncommon for people to go in your office when you are out. People need files you have stashed in your office. Clients have questions and they need answered whether you are there or not. But why would someone reorganize another person's desk?

I'm sorry, I know that my desk was messy. I have two staple removers is because I have trouble finding them. Pens tend to get scattered around and not kept in their proper place. Mail full of notices from foreign associates that I need to respond to at some point is filed in a pile on the right hand side of my desk while files I need to look at in a weeks time are piled on the left. Is it a coherent, organized system? Of course not, but its mine and it works.

I was scared when I first walked in. I was trying to think of something I may have lost. Something that someone had come looking for and failed to find. I was expecting to open my e-mail and find a "we need to talk" message about the state of my office and how I had lost X document. But when I read my e-mail I found nothing out of the ordinary. Its 10:00 and still, no one has come by to claim responsibility.

The "what did I do?" panic has gone and now I just feel violated. I want to throw my pens out on my desk and poor the rubber bands out on the floor. I want to re-mess up my files and mail. But also, I'm just puzzled. Who did this? Who has this kind of time? What on earth were they looking for? What do they think they accomplished?

UPDATE: I was told that "a little fairy" did a good deed while I was gone and tidied up my mess.

My response: "Please tell the 'little fairy' to never touch my stuff again." A little territorial? Maybe. Over the top? Uncalled for? I don't care. I would rather a fairy did me the favor of respecting my space.

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