Monday, January 11

A Little Slice of Wildlife

I as looking for pictures to send in for the yearbook dedication add all the parent's are gilt tripped into buy for their graduating 5th graders. Yes, my little darling is going to be in middle school next year.
Anyway I was reminded of all the Disney pictures I took and never posted. I have over 300 pictures that I widdled down from the 500 I actual took while I was there. This is one I took from the balcony of our room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Imagine sipping your over morning tea while enjoying this view.

Next is a picture I took one afternoon when we were returning to our room after a day spent at the Magic Kingdom. As you might have guessed, we changed hotels in the middle of our stay. This is the Polynesian Resort.

This is the picture of Alex I wanted to turn in for the yearbook add, but I knew she would be upset and embarrassed....

... So I turned this one in instead.

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Pete the Brit said...

I had a great time at Disney last week even though it was cold :)