Friday, March 12

So Much to Say

There is, it turns out a lot of things I want to blog about. Then I think, I don't want this to morph into a mommy blog... its probably too late to write about the Oscars... I don't think that's a whole post... so instead, I give you four vignettes...

1. I didn't really watch the Oscars. Well, I did turn the TV on just in time to see The Hurt Locker win best Original Screen Play. Why? What's original about a war movie? I know that Up won best Animated Feature (duh!) and Best Original Score (nice), but I really wanted the Academy to take a stand here and reward a really great, out of the box script. To make a statement to the world that said, you know, animation can be great art. That said, I'm glad that Randy Newman didn't win an award for any of his Princess and the Frog songs because those songs were really underwhelming... and I hope this sends a message to Disney that they need to STOP USING RANDY NEWMAN! For a unique as his voice and orchestrations are the man simply does not possess that awesomely unique gift of telling stories through unforgettable songs.

2) I talked with the psychologist at Alex's school about the fact that she is studying 24/7 and she is just barley passing everything.

Psychologist: We can be really happy about the fact that she is making a 70 right now. A 70 at our school is like a B at any other school in our district. Our standards here are really high. I know you see this as her struggling, but this tells me that she is doing just fine.

Me: Really? Because if I saw a kid treading water in the ocean I wouldn't look at them and say "We should be really happy that that kid's head is still above the water because treading water in the ocean is a lot harder than treading water in a swimming pool. I would throw the kid a life vest, but the fact they haven't drowned yet tells me they are doing fine." I think I'd help the kid before I saw their head go under the water. And the fact that this wonderful school has such high standards that you are willing to just sit around and watch the weak kids drown just tells me that you're all a bunch of assholes.

I know that the assholes part at the end comes off as a bit strong, but during the whole conversation she kept mentioning the fact that I am a "young mother" and spoke to me like I have no clue about how to raise a child. I may have been a stupid teenager when I became pregnant at 16, but I am an awesome mother who knows how to raise her kid. Needless to say I don't think that conversation went well.
It did confirm for me that I have taken the best course of action by getting her outside tutoring. I just wish I could quite my job and home school her. Does anyone know any single millionaires? Because I would so marry someone for the money right about now. (Bonus points if he answers to the name Colin Firth.)

3) Am I the only one who is seeing commercials for Reeses Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs on TV? Have they run those adds in the past? I don't remember them. And did you know that there is such a thing as Reese Ice Cream bar? I didn't until Alex pointed it out to me in our corner store last night. "Mom, I think the Reeses are haunting you." Its true. Earlier this week we went to the drug store to get batteries and I found myself in the Easter candy isle, just staring at the Reeses in all their pastel foil wrapers.

4) And Finally... the best show on the Disney Channel right now is Phineas and Ferb. This show is so originally awesome I love it! They have just created action figures of these guys... and last night they had a marathon. If you haven't seen it. Here are the opening sequence, which I think explains almost everything....

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