Friday, April 30

I Can't Wait..

Disney is getting closer and I just can't wait.
Its the end of the school year and I'm being pulled in a million different directions.

I'm ready to pack it all in and head east.

To the place where dreams come true.

Some people have a hard time understanding why. But I think they will all get the point in the end.

the point in the end... get it? Oh I love the Jungle Cruise.


The Bug said...

You are a Disney maniac! I think it's great.

I've given you an award. Feel free to ignore it if you don't want to mess with it.

Jo said...

Hmmm... Is a road trip on the Horizon?

Land of shimp said...

Oh marvelous! Are you about to embark on a journey to the Magic Kingdom? Whirling teacups, speaking Raccoons, three-fingered Mice and all?

I hope so, I hope so. It's good to awake the child within, and take her out to play for a bit.