Wednesday, May 5


Mexcio, Epcot
Walt Disney World
by Katy

31 days from now I will be using the last ticket I will ever purchase from Continental Airlines to fly to Orlando. This trip will also be the last time we get to walk through Mickey and Minnie's houses. The rodents are getting the boot. Toon Town is being made over into Pixie Hollow. Mice out, Fairies in. Mickey will, of course, never leave the park he just won't have a place to call his own.

But today there is another reason to celebrate. Its Cinco de Mayo. Its the day that people in parts of Mexico celebrate the fact that they kicked France's butt as the frogs tried to invade their capital and collect on some outstanding debts. As you can imagine, the people of Mexico racked up quite a long list of creditors during their fight for independence from Spain and France was trying to repo the country.

I would guess that this holiday is celebrated more here in America than it is in Mexico though. Here in Texas we have a large Mexican population and a lot of really great Tex-Mex restaurants and we are always ready for an excuse to celebrate the heritage of our fellow man when it involves wonderful food and margaritas. Tonight, have a tamale and raise your glass to our southern neighbors. Salud!

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