Monday, June 21

The longest day of the year...

My father and nephew pictured with their skeet shooting team.

Its the longest day of the year for those of us living in the northern hemisphere and how fitting that it would come on a Monday. Its the first day of our summer, though it seems like summer has been in Texas for quite sometime.

I spent a good part of the year convinced Father's day would was going to be on the 27th, but it was, in fact, yesterday. We celebrated with a spa day. Alex got out her spa kit and made an oatmeal honey face mask and a sea salt foot scrub for my father and me. It was awesomely fun. My father even enjoyed it. I took pictures, but I like him to much to post those on the internet.

My father and I have as close to nothing in common as two people possibly could, and yet I know that he loves me. That for all the really grating things he says he always means well. For all the times that we have talked and he hasn't understood, I know that he really wanted to. But when a gun totin' Texas man finds his face covered in honey and oatmeal and his granddaughter is putting cucumbers over his eyes, you know that he really does love his family best of all.


The Bug said...

That's a great story! We never tried to do a mask on my dad - I wonder if he would have done it?

The Bug said...
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Single and Sane said...

What a great Father's Day story! He must love you both very much, indeed.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I think you hit the nail on the head.

Jo said...

Aw ... I love it...! He does indeed love you and your daughter.

I wish I could see the pictures. :-)