Sunday, August 1

Fresh and Clean

Today I am determined to clean out Alex's room. I was determined to do this yesterday, but then, well... there was a marathon of House on TV.

If you are like my mother you might wonder why I am cleaning Alex's room. The truth is Alex is a pack rat. She is a keeper of things. If it were up to her she would hold on to all things everywhere forever and always until the end of time. Sadly, at this point her room is much to small and holds much to much. She has moved on from a lot of her toys and grown out of a lot her clothes and with the approaching start of school it seems to be time to clear it all out. This new year brings a new grade and a new school. Middle School. Its seems appropriate then that one should have a fresh, clean room in recognition of the largeness of the passage.


Amy said...

Good for you Katy! I remember tackling my daughters' rooms too. Of course they were completely different - each had her own taste and weird collections of "things." It seems odd now that they are grown that the "neat" one is now the "relaxed" housekeeper and the "grungy" one is pretty anal in that department! So one never knows...

Katy said...

Unexpected events... I didn't get to the room. I have a new free weekend though so I'm going to jump in there today.

I'm a messy person so I feel like I set a bad example for my daughter... but then... I'm still not THAT messy LOL!!!