Monday, November 22

When worms, minnows and tacos start cashing checks...

When worms, minnows and tacos start cashing checks you know you there is a Renaissances Festival near by.

Or you might be leaving one, as I was went I took this picture. Thank God for traffic jams on old country farm roads. My sister, the yuppie lawyer, had tickets to the fair and so invited us along.

Here is Alex posing as a night. If you look closely you can see her new pet dragon, Max, peeking out from under her helmet. Besides the shopping and the great food we saw some fabulous shows.

There were the Mud Pit guys... we were on the side of the Trojans!

Here is the judge that had to eat mud... GROSS!!! I don't know how much money they make each year from touring this show around the country, but I do hope its enough to buy medical insurance.

Who can go to the Renaissance and not see a good joust? We were on the side of the German - who died of course because England always wins. It was fun anyway.

This is a picture of my favorite looking shop. Because I'm in love with all things fairy and I think its a good representation of why people care to go to these things anyway.

And here is a fun shot of what the sky looked like just before the sun was setting.


The Bug said...

The mud Dr. M got on his shirt from the mud show never washed out. He even bleached it. Twice. So, it's kind of terrifying to imagine what's IN the mud LOL.

Love that first sign - it's kind of like those road crossing signs for slow children :)

Poetry Is Life said...

the gas price looks great! i wish it was like that round here, its 2.85 :(

Anonymous said...

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