Thursday, November 18

Thanksgiving Tree

Thanksgiving Tree
Houston, Texas
Photo by Katy 2010

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather changes and suddenly the 90 degree days and 100 percent humidity are bad memories under the bridge. The temperature drops to a cool 60 degrees and its the perfect time to sit in the park, watch the blue skies and share a cup of coffee with a good friend under the tall pine trees. Pine trees, oak trees, magnolias we have all kinds of trees in this wooded part of my city, but none that change colors. None that look like the fall I've seen in photos. Fall foliage doesn't come to us so I brought the fall into our home. My mother's home really. The football tickets were added by my father. I know, it really throws off the look, but who can blame the old Aggie for wanting to remember the time his team beat Oklahoma?


The Bug said...

I love it! Maybe we'll do that next year before we put the Christmas decorations on the tree.

Brenda said...

I have friends in Texas and they tell me you get to have flowers year round. I am jealous. Our beautiful fall colors last such a short time...but flowers...I would love that. Love your tree!

Land of shimp said...

Haha! This just delighted me, Katy. I've never encountered a Thanksgiving Tree before. I've been catching up on your blog here and am willing to allow Gryffindor to share the title of best dog ever created.

He certainly looks like a contender for the honor, and am willing to admit that what makes dogs the best ever created is how much we love them. So nearly all dogs honestly hold the title.

Autumn in Texas sounds soothing and warm. Here it can be brisk and biting, but it makes for a nice change for both of us!