Wednesday, December 22

Bah Humbug

Its the week of Christmas and I don't have a stitch of decoration hanging in my apartment. Not even a bit of greenery hanging on my door. Advent came and went this year and it seems the whole thing passed me by. I was busy being sick and the world did not stop and wait for me to get well. I'm still a bit stuffy if you want to know the truth, but I don't feel ready to collapse at any moment so I consider myself well. Well enough to enjoy the festivities anyway.

And there is the rub. I started thinking last week, as I laid on my death couch, that I just wanted to be well by Christmas. Well here it is, two nights before Holy night and I can't say that I care. The only person I bought wrapable gifts for is in California with her father and my usual Christmas cheer went with her. I'm not alone. I have lots of family to see and parties to attend. It just seems like Christmas is happening all around me, but somehow I'm just not quite a part of it.


The Bug said...

I've had years like that (this one is middling), and you know, it's ok. Just go with the blah. Perhaps next year will be even sweeter. And the year I'm remembering that Christmas was extra blah, the next Easter was even sweeter. For whatever reason the baby didn't do it for me that year - the resurrection did.

Nevertheless, I hope you have a nice holiday - and I'm glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you are not feeling too enthusiastic but I do hope that it turns out to be a blessed Christmas for you and your loved ones.